All Fatboy products are subject to the standard Fatboy factory guarantee period of 6 months. If your complaint is justified, we are happy to help you. You can receive a replacement copy, a new replacement part or the purchase price will be refunded. 

Please note; in the following cases, you cannot insist on replacement or repair or reimbursement of your product: 

  • Wear of an imprint on the material that occurs after a period of six months from the date of purchase (like the doggy bone on the Fatboy doggielounge);
  • Gradual decrease in the volume of the filling (the EPS pearls), this is after all usual. (Note: an exception to this is a severe volume decrease under normal use within the first 6 months after purchase);
  • Water damage to the fabric product components. Fatboy products (except Fatboy Edison the Grand, subject to normal use) are not waterproof!
  • Damage caused by repairs not performed by Fatboy or someone appointed by Fatboy;
  • If changes or modifications have been made to the product;
  • Incorrect maintenance;
  • If the product is used for purposes other than that for which the product is intended;
  • Wear and fading due to intensive outdoor use, such as products being left in the rain; it also applies for outdoor products that these, since the products are upholstered with fabric, cannot remain outside for an unlimited time.