Vitaminwater and Fatboy

Fatboy sets the scene at Vitaminwater Social Club

The sleek social club, that will be outfitted with Fatboys, is located in Jackson Square in the San Francisco Bay area. It will be open for two months, will host free morning yoga classes, cooking demonstrations, book readings, DJs, fashion shows and an entire wall of 11 flavors of complimentary refrigerated Vitamin Water.

There will be local emerging artists, designers, athletes and enthusiasts to share their talents and experiences in the space.

Also, supporting local arts and youth organizations in the bay area. On days even when there are no events, the Social Club is open for anyone to come in, chill on Fatboys, use free wifi, bring their lunch, and relax in a modern comfy public space that’s neither a bar, bookstore nor a Starbucks.

Opening night 944 magazine and vintage 415 joined in the festivities which resulted in quite the epic night!

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