Never Leave Your Lamp Naked Again

Release of 21 New Fatboy Cooper Cappies Gives Your Lamp Something to Slip Into

 Fatboy® USA, an imaginative lifestyle brand which enhances living spaces, is poised to release the Fatboy® Cooper Cappie, a collection of 21 unique and artfully designed lampshade covers for their bestselling Edison the Petit lamp. These original designs are the perfect way to illustrate exactly what makes your space uniquely “you.”

“Our new Cooper Cappies are designed to fit whatever interior or party theme that suites your mood,” says Paula Masters, Fatboy® USA’s CEO and President. “Cooper Cappies take our already stellar Edison Petit lamp, and create a stand-out piece that’s as easy to change out as it is to put on.”

 Dreamt up by head designer, Alex Bergman, the Fatboy® Cooper Cappie is a play on the unique and memorable fez hat that was popularized by comedian Tommy Cooper. The Cooper Cappie comes in 21 styles that range all the way from 70’s kitsch with western themes, to Victorian fringe, to New Modern shapes and symmetry. They easily slip on and off the top of the shade, and still create the same bright light that you expect from the Fatboy® Edison the Petit.

Be sure to look out for the new Fatboy® Cooper Cappie designs on the Fatboy USA website as well as updates on new and exciting Fatboy® products sure to surprise, excite, and innovate in the only way that Fatboy® can.