Fatboy jeans

Fatboy jeans: Fatboy the Original evolved a blue gene

“Live fast and die young” is not quite applicable to Fatboy products since they are made to last way longer than your attention span. However, just like “Rebel Without A Cause” Jim Stark, the Fatboy Original beanbag is sort of a cult figure. A cult figure with eye-catching flare that happily remains alive and kicking. And like any other hot celebrity Fatboy the Original shows us a lot of skin. Quite a few of new skin that is!

And this time it is beautiful denim skin. The James Dean look and lifestyle is not mandatory to fully appreciate this latest Fatboy jeans version, because its denim skin will snuggle your cheeky bottom like your favourite jeans without any remorse. Yes. The pleasure is all yours.

Fatboy jeans is happy with its new look, but his newfound ‘blue gene’ isn’t just some chemical make-up. No sir. This popular jeans look is created because of organic denim of the highest quality, just stretchy enough and easy to clean like hand washing your favourite sports car. It is spectacularly modest, simply practical, relaxed and nonchalant.

For detailed product information you can send an email to press@fatboy.com.