Fatboy desswerrum

DAMN its hot in here!

These moments of bliss should never end, but the inevitable evil chill always comes a bit too early. Solutions to extend the warm comfort of your living room into the soft summer nights do not grow on a tree, like money. And since nobody that we know has a convertible house we come to aid.

Created together with the adventurous young designer Anne van Strien, who seems to possess the seductive art to create products that evoke a happy feeling, we are proud to introduce our Fatboy version of the world’s oldest comfort: a re-lifestyled hot water bottle.

This oversized Fatboy® desswerrum makes enjoying old comfort in contemporary moments way too easy, like the first three levels of Super Mario. Just fill it with warm water and this will change the sight of chills and chattering teeth into big smiles and shameless laughter.

Heating up a whole terrace with an insanely huge blow dryer is a waste of energy. Our Fatboy® desswerrum provides congenial warmth to any specific part of a cold area. Specifically you that is!

Beatrix Kiddo needed the ‘Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique’ to ‘Kill Bill’. You only need the ‘One Point Desswerrum Technique’ to ‘Kill Chill’. You decide which specific part needs to get de-chilled. But we think when you sit on it long enough, your bum will get so pleasingly warm you could personally hatch an ostrich egg. Highly convenient while sitting in your garden or midnight sleigh rides in Antarctica.

There is no reason why comfort can’t look pleasant too. We almost chose a David Hasselhoff portrait for a print to make this Desswerrum look as cool as it can be. Fortunately we choose for this typical old-fashioned ‘Brabants bont’ print at the end. Although many other countries claim this print, we genuinely believe it comes straight from our Brabant roots and heritage. So we are not even going to prove it.

Please don’t forget! When the water turns cold again, use it for your plants. Our appreciation will be grave. When we provide a natural way to turn on the heat, it doesn’t hurt to give back a little and prevent wasting water. It could lead to a longer and healthier life you know. That's the Desswerrum effect.
We expect high demand for this hottie, so don’t hesitate and make your move quick.

Available from the beginning of 2010.

For detailed product information you can
send an email to press@fatboy.com.