Fatboy Breaks Boundaries at C2-MTL

C2-MTL is an international gathering for business leaders interested in insights into how creativity can drive their organization’s strategic development. With high profile speakers, thought-provoking presentations and privileged access to business gurus who have figured out how to incorporate creativity into business management, C2-MTL is an opportunity for participants from industries of all types to develop their business creativity skills and discover tools for stimulating their organization’s innovation capacity.

C2-MTL took place May 22-25, where speakers from a wide spectrum of backgrounds shared their experiences while lounging on stage with Fatboy®, including noted director Francis Ford Coppola; former Disney CEO Michael Eisner; Robert Safian, Editor of Fast Company; Robert Wong, Executive Creative Director of Google Creative Lab; Daniel Lamarre, CEO of Cirque du Soleil; among many others. To learn more about this extraordinary event and to view the complete press release: Click Here

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