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Fatboy (still) the original

We are very happy to announce that Fatboy has won the appeal case against competitor Sitting Bull about the copyrights on our iconic product; Fatboy the original.

The ‘s-Hertogenbosch appeal court ruled last week that our Fatboy® the original is a new and original design which is protected by copyright. Sitting Bull has infringed Fatboy’s copyrights by selling beanbags with an overall same impression. As a result of this, Sitting Bull has been convicted to withdraw these beanbags from the Dutch market.

The court ruled that the design of our renown Finnish designer Jukka Setälä was original and new at the time he designed it. The shape of a regular old seventies beanbag was known, but the twist Jukka gave to the design of a beanbag was and is unique.

So, a big hurrah for our great and truly original product and our designer!