prep-air for the ch-air!

The CH-AIR is a stylish and fun inflatable seat that’s so comfortable, it’s like you’re sitting on air (tata-tshhh!) All you need is a pump. Blow it up and take your throne with you everywhere you go.

secure your ch-air

Designer Alex Bergman designed an anchor in the form of a pouch that you can fill with sand or pebbles to weigh down your CH-AIR in the same colors as your pillow. Throw the anchor out if you want to make sure that your CH-AIR stays in place! This all comes in a nice bag for ultimate carrying comfort. Pack up, blow up and chill out. Easy come, easy go!

ch-oose your color combo

CH-AIR comes in three colors including matte white, matte silver and matte anthracite. Combine your favorite color CH-AIR with one of the pillows and you’ll feel like royalty anywhere! Thanks to the round iconic form, the CH-AIR blends in perfectly any place, any time.