Non-flying carpet

The ancient art of the kilim rug inspired the design of the Non-Flying Carpet, however, this rug is far from traditional.

Are you connected?

Thanks to the Non-Flying Carpet’s iconic red buttons you can extend its size from the standard 67” x 52” by joining it to a second, third or even fourth rug to create a wonderfully decorative patchwork carpet in the colors and patterns of your choice.

Prints and features

The Non Flying Carpet’s vintage appeal is available in a range of prints and colors but has modern, down-to-earth features including an anti-slip layer underneath and a dirt-repellent finish.

Flying carpet

The intricate patterns on traditional Moroccan and Portuguese tiles sparked the idea for our Flying Carpets. Create your own unique carpet by buttoning two, three - or as many as you like - together with their red buttons.

Indoor and Outdoor

The Flying Carpets, in various designs, were originally intended for outdoor use but feel just as at home indoors too. The Flying Carpet has an anti-slip layer and a water-resistant coating which means you can use these elegant rugs wherever you like! Brighten up your garden, roof terrace or lounge in no time at all with the Flying Carpet!

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