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Fatboy® the original
Fatboy® the original
Fatboy the Original - De enige echte Zitzak - Online Bestellen bij Fatboy

Without colours there would be no light. So for the sake of celebration Fatboy added a new colour range to the collection of their iconic Fatboy® the original. Still proving to sell itself since the introduction to the Dutch market, this generously sized beanbag is already available in many variations of the highest quality. Worldwide! The only marketing trick we used is making good and fun products. Spring and summer are coming, and nature will erupt with beautiful colours like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. So do we! If you like grass being green you will sit like a picnic on our new green addition of the Original. When you want to forget about all the purple rain you will shine bright on our new dark purple addition. And if you like the always diligent hole digging mole, it would possibly be a plausible argument for liking our new taupe addition. But we also understand that taupe sounds French. Whatever argument you may use to choose your colour, the energizing comfort of your Fatboy® the original won’t be any less. At the end of the rainbow you will always pick your Fatboy® the original. No matter which edition of the Original beanbag you purchase, your Original is eager to maximize whatever pleasure you may choose. So everyone is a winner..

Fatboy the Original - De enige echte Zitzak - Online Bestellen bij Fatboy Fatboy Junior - de Kinderzitzak van Fatboy - nu Online bestellen Fatboy Djeksuns  - glitter Zitzak van Fatboy - nu Online te bestellen
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Fatboy® the original

Our iconic Fatboy the original is everyone's friend. It proved to stand out and fit in anywhere, without acting like its some better version of itself (like all the original fakes out there). With its generous size and energizing comfort it is always there to maximize whatever pleasure you choose. Fatboy the original is truly yours!

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